Santana Row

San Jose, CA

Opened in 2002, Santana Row is a 42 acre development project of restaurants, shops, offices, hotels, houses and condominiums organized around an active street, lush parks and open-air plazas. As the development consultant and master planner, Street-Works Studio, worked with businesses and municipal officials to create a distinctive mix of living, shopping and dining features. As a result, Santana Row has become one of the most interesting and vibrant neighborhoods in the Bay Area.

Executed by Federal Realty Investment Trust, this $750 million development has earned several major awards, including Project of the Year in 2003 by Builder Magazine for creating a public space that has natural beauty combined with a functional urban environment, the CELSOC Engineering Excellence Honor Award in 2004, and Project of the Decade by Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal in 2010.

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