At the heart of Street-Works Studio is a belief in local DNA – the special something that lets each site make its distinctive mark. Respecting history, we work toward the future based on an understanding of the past. We think that integrated and immersive neighborhoods, anchored by their special sense of place, lead to better quality of life. We measure success by how well the places we create enrich people’s lives. Strong masterplanners and designers, we contribute strategic insight that starts projects off right and guides them to success. Our expertise in architectural design, urban planning, design management, physical site analysis, placemaking and district branding is instrumental in building prosperous communities.

Street-Works Studio projects are defined by passion, partnership and people-centric perspective. We specialize in:

  • Large-scale, mixed-use projects
  • Transit-oriented development
  • Urban sites or brownfield redevelopment
  • Public/private partnerships with local or state government
  • Collaboration with neighborhood residents and businesses
  • Integration of civic uses, public art, cultural arts and creative economy
  • Sustainable development
  • Public parking that does not detract from urban vitality
  • Buildings that create a sense of community and place